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Have you ever noticed that your shoes seem to get dirtier and dirtier the more you wear them? This is because the bottom of shoes is not well-cared for. In this blog post, we are going to teach you how to clean the bottom of your shoes clean so that they will last longer. Follow the steps below and your shoes will be clean and stain-free in no time!

4 Methods of Cleaning the bottom of Shoes

Cleaning your shoes can be a pain, but it’s so worth it! Follow these simple steps to make cleaning them a breeze: Wet the bottom of the shoe with water. Make sure to squeeze out as many gallons of water as you can and allow your shoes to air-dry completely. If the shoes need cleaning in between the toes, use a toothbrush and gentle soap or dishwashing liquid.

Method1: Removing Excess Dirt

If you’re cleaning your shoes with soap and water, be sure to also scrub the soles clean with a brush. To do this, wet your cloth and wring out the excess water before rubbing it over the shoe’s sole. Be sure to swish around in your shoes for about 10 minutes before taking them out to let them air-dry. Finally, pour some water into a bucket or bowl and put your shoes inside – making sure that any dirt is washed away.

Method 2: Deep-Cleaning Rubber Tread

When it comes to cleaning your shoes, there are four ways of doing it – Method 1, 2 and 3. Method 1 involves scrubbing the dirt and oils off the shoes with a brush. However, this can be time-consuming and tiresome. Method 2 is the most popular way of cleaning shoes as it is quick but does not get rid of all dirt and grime. In fact, water often leaks out from the rubber tread after cleaning so make sure you wet them well before scrubbing. Lastly, Method 4 employs detergent in conjunction with sunlight or washing machine cycles to clean your shoes thoroughly while also killing any bacteria that might have grown on them during prolonged storage or use.

Method 3: Touching up Your Soles Quickly with a Magic Eraser

For those of you who don’t have the time or inclination to break out the shoe cleaner every now and then, there is another option – using a magic eraser. Simply wet the magic eraser and apply it to the bottom of your shoes. Be cautious not to scrub your feet too forcefully as this could cause damage to your shoes. If your shoes are looking a little shabby, all you need to do is clean them up with a cloth or sponge.

Method 4: Trying out Other Cleaning Methods

If all the other methods of cleaning your shoes have failed, it might be time to try out a different one. There are four main cleaning methods – boiling water, ammonia, vinegar and soap. Choose the one that is most effective for the type of shoe you are cleaning – leather shoes should be cleaned with boiling water, suede shoes should use ammonia or vinegar while cloth-lined shoes can be clean with soap. Then make sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid damage!


Cleaning the bottom of shoes is an important task that you should always perform. By following the steps listed below, you’ll be able to clean the shoes effectively and prevent dirt and debris from building up over time. Remember to store your shoes in a dry and clean place to ensure that they remain in good condition. Thank you for reading.


What is the best way to dry my shoes?

To dry your shoes the quickest and with the least effort, put them in a sunny spot outdoors. Choose an all-natural odorless shoe deodorizer like essential oils, cedar wood oil or lavender oil to help keep the shoes smelling fresh. If you have an inside shoe rack, hang your shoes on it instead of putting them in the closet.

Can shoe polish damage leather or suede footwear?

Shoe polish can damage leather or suede footwear if it’s not diluted properly. To avoid getting shoe polish on the leather or suede of your footwear, it is best to apply a very thin coat of polish to the bottom of your shoes and let it dry completely before putting on your shoes. If you do happen to get polish on the leather or suede, use a brush or cloth dipped in warm water and mild soap to clean it off.

Do any other cleaning products work well on sneakers and boots?

Try using baking soda in order to scrub your sneakers and boots. White vinegar is acidic, which helps in breaking down dirt and oils while baking soda is alkaline, which removes stains.

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